Bail Bonds Services

From the moment you or your loved one is arrested, there is a very detailed and intricate process of navigation that takes skill, experience, professionalism, and compassion. At 123 Presto Bail Bonding, our certified, licensed, and professional bail bondmen are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We make you our priority, being intentional to communicate clearly in a way you can understand and have confidence that we are on your side. 123 Presto Bail Bonding has been serving the Florida State for 40 years, giving us the edge that is necessary to provide excellent care and effortless process for all our clients. Depending on the bail commissioners decision, almost every crime qualifies for a bail bond. We help you navigate the following:

What Is Bail

Bail can be very confusing, no matter how many times you may walk this process. Primarily because each case is as unique as its client, and at 123 Presto Bail Bonding, the value of each client and their individual needs is taken very seriously. Let’s take a minute to unpack what this looks like so you have an idea of what to expect. Once you have been arrested you will have a bail hearing before a judge. The average time frame is within 48 hours of an arrest, and the judge will determine all the factors unique to your case to see if bail is an option for you. If you have been found eligible for bail, you will typically have three options:

  • Remain in jail. This option can require you to remain in jail for an undetermined extended period of time. Facing weeks, or even months, of time in jail is usually not a question as there is family and work that will be compromised.
  • Cash Bail. This option basically means you are going to pay the total bail amount. This price will be set by the judge, factoring in any past records, if you are a flight risk, are you considered dangerous, and many other factors. Because each case is unique, it is impossible to say exactly the price the judge will say, with the range being from a few thousand dollars up to one million. Few people are in the position to secure these kinds of funds for a full cash bail.
  • Get a Bail Bond. This is where you would secure a bail bond agency to take on the full responsibility of your bail cost. Your bail bondsman will essentially be taking on the financial bond of what you owe to the court, with you guaranteeing you will show up for the sentencing. In exchange for this security, the bail bondsman will need a form of collateral which in turn allows you to only give the bondsman a fraction of the cost in financial security. If you do not show up for court, this will result in you jumping bail and having an additional warrant out for your arrest, and most likely having a bounty hunter after you. This also allows the bail bondsman to keep your collateral which is generally the title to your car or home, any jewelry or other assets you placed as assurance for the cost of your bail.

What You Can Expect

When choosing your bail bondmen, you want to ensure that they are professional and reliable, have a good reputation within the community as well as the courts, make you and your family a priority and there are no hidden fees. You are also going to want to ensure that your bail bondmen are efficient and do not cut corners, as this will absolutely delay your process of getting out of jail.

At 123 Presto Bail Bonding, we never compromise our high standard of excellence, refuse to compromise quality and customer service for any reason, as well as offer you the security of compassionate and understanding throughout the entire process from the moment we are introduced to the time you are free. Let 123 Presto Bail Bonding partner with you in navigating this bail bonding process today.