Aggravated Assault Bail Bonds in Tampa, Bartow & Tavares, FL

aggravated assault bail bonds

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Aggravated Assault Punishments & Penalties

In the State of Florida, aggravated assault is considered an assault with a deadly weapon or the intent to commit a felony. This particular felony falls under the category of a third degree felony, where a deadly weapon can constitute anything from a vehicle to a beer bottle. Should you be convicted of an aggravated assault felony in the State of Florida, you could face penalties from a $5,000 fine and up to five years in prison.

It is important to note that if you have a firearm in your possession at the time of your arrest, or if a firearm is discharged in the process of your aggravated assault, the fines and penalties will substantially increase and create a much more detailed process to navigate, often times resulting in a 20-year prison sentence. However, if your firearm was simply present but not discharged, you could find yourself facing an additional 3 years in prison.

Quality Bail Bond Service

When facing aggravated assault felony charges, you can have peace of mind with the licensed and professional bail bondsmen at 123 Presto Bail Bonding by your side. We proudly guarantee our excellence, commitment, and consistency in providing the best care available in the State of Florida. We also highly recommend securing the services of a professional defense attorney as soon as possible. The cost of fines and fees adds up quickly and require much more than you can prepare for. We take the guesswork out of navigating your release from jail, and we are committed to your best-case scenario, no matter how unique your particular situation may be.

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